Stud Services 

All our Boys are Health tested and have clear results. They will be available at stud to bitches of their own breed only, no crosses accepted. We reserve the right to refuse stud services. 


Using a high spec machine we provide a base and mobile ultrasound scanning service so you can confirm a pregnancy of a mated bitch and gain a rough count of babies to expect on the big day. 

ideally scans are conducted 4-5 weeks following initial tie/ mating.

price £20 

in your own home £25 


We offer a micro-chipping service unlike any normal services. We are unique, using a micro-chip size tailored to your breeds size. We use the mini micro-chips for the smaller breeds and the standard chips for the larger breeds, this minimizes stress and pain to your babies. anesthetic swabs are also available to numb the area for added comfort.

Prices start from £7 per chip. 

mobile and base services offered. 


If you are having trouble mating your bitch / studding your dog from our combined experience there are many ways in which we can assist. From bitch progesterone testing. Dog semen screening. Physical assist with mating difficult dogs and much more. 

Call with your request for a Quote and details on how we can assist. 

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