Is a Shiba Right for you?

We understand that searching for a puppy can be a minefield and that talking to some breeders can feel like your getting nowhere fast. For this reason we endeavour to treat people fairly and will answer any questions you may have whether it be advice on buying a puppy or advice on your existing fur baby. 

When you look into buying a puppy from us, you will become part of our extended family. We will not chase you but we do love updates and photos from time to time and ideally a facebook add would be Great. We will never sell a puppy and walk away, we will be here for advice and support all through the dogs life and we will always offer a home for our dogs no matter what age should your circumstances change - however that being said we are looking for FOREVER homes for our babies so we will ask questions.

What can you expect from us?

As a breeder you can expect from us a happy and healthy puppy who will

Have a Health check and be cleared by our own vets 

have been wormed regularly 

been micro-chipped 

have 5 weeks free insurance

Be fully KC registered

have a puppy pack with essentials including change over foods

have a lifetime back up support from us

have come from hereditary Glaucoma clear parents

Raised in a family home and socialised appropriately

have a contract in place for yours and the pups protection 

++++ We are currently, to our knowledge, the ONLY breeder in the UK who tests our shibas for Glaucoma AND Genetic patella Luxation. ++++

What we expect from you!! 

COMMITMENT having a puppy can be a 20 year commitment all we ask is that you are ready for this and have thought through the future!

A SAFE AND STABLE HOME. are you a full time worker with no-one to care for the dog in this time? your not suitable to own a dog! a dog takes time and needs companionship in order to thrive and feel safe. 

BREEDERS NEED NOT APPLY. we do not sell our puppies to breeders, third parties or agencies! we want genuine HOMES for our pups not someone looking to make some money. we restrict our dogs to this effect. 


If you go to a breeder who has a good reputation you will ALWAYS be made to sign a contract. This should go without saying but you WILL be required to sign a contract with our pups too. We do this only as a method of protecting our beautiful breed from puppy farms and backyard breeders and this seems to be effective, so please don't be offended when asked to sign one....its one rule for everyone im afraid. 

Usually there will be restrictions on your pups pedigree as follows:-

R - Progeny not eligible for registration 


X - not eligible for export

in a nutshell it means any puppies produced from your dog at any time of its life cannot be registered with the kennel club and your dog is not allowed to be exported out of the country. Some breeders may lift these restrictions when certain conditions are met and they are happily convinced the dog will not be abused...other breeders however will not lift them under ANY circumstances; it is up to you to discuss with the breeder the terms of the contract.

Dispite our best efforts there have been a few shibas that are being abused as far as over breeding is concerned ... you will often see them advertised WITHOUT kc documents and they will make excuses as to why they are not registered, PLEASE, please do not be tempted by the £200 discount because it may cost you more in the long run, these breeders do not test their dogs for hereditary diseases or are not bothered about inbreeding ratios they do not socialize their puppies and you may end up with more trouble than your £200 discount is worth. Think about the breed and think about your family.

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